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Dental Implants

Dantų implantai

Can we age before time?

One of the main reasons why people’s face can start changing its shape before time and age is a loss of teeth. Having lost one or a few teeth, the function of chewing changes and it is more difficult to eat normally.

However, it is the most remarkable difference. A deeper and more important problem is bone decay (atrophy) caused by lost teeth. It happens so when the jawbone cannot distribute the force of chewing evenly. If it is not stimulated in the places without teeth, it starts weakening in the course of time. The bone starts decaying and the person’s face that has lost the support of teeth and bones starts changing and ageing before time.

Dental implants help to avoid this problem as they both protect from cosmetic problems and help to avoid bone decay.

Dantų implantai

Enjoy full-fledged life

Moving dental prostheses and lost teeth are some of the main things in our life making lots of people to suffer from nutritional disorders and moral tortures as they cannot smile or even feel a lack of attention from the opposite sex. Thus, life gets aggravated instead of enjoying pleasures given by it.

However now it is possible to reconstruct from one lacking tooth to the total dental arch with the help of modern methods of treatment. Dental implants are one of the best solutions which have ever been developed as they can give back the joy of life and sense of full-fledged nutrition and communication to every person having lost his/her teeth.

The food you have avoided before, the people you could not favour with a smile – all the valuable things can come back to the old track during a few procedures. In all cases, reliable specialists will recommend the best possibilities of dental implant adaptation and help to choose the methods of treatment suiting personally for you.