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Dental Implants

Tooth anatomy and implant

Danties implantas

A dental implant is a substitute for a natural root of the tooth. It is a small screw made of especially durable, but light material – titanium – that is biologically compatible with the bone; it is screwed in the jawbone instead of the root of the lost tooth in the surgical way. The implant surface is porous so that it coalesces with the bone as quickly and strongly as possible.

Dental implants can be applied for the reconstruction of one of a few lost teeth.

The dental crown can be reconstructed in lots of ways, but only implants enable reconstructing both the root of the tooth and the crown. They keep the crown or bridge of artificial teeth like roots keep the tooth in place.

One or a few teeth are reconstructed with the help of dental implants without damaging the adjacent healthy teeth, i.e., they do not need filing or damaging in another way. The implant is screwed in the jawbone and must establish in a certain period. At that time, a temporary tooth can be fixed to the implant which will be replaced with one or a few new constant teeth as soon as the implant establishes.

Dental implants can be of various kinds. However, screw dental implants are presently predominant in the world and in Lithuania.

About 20-25 thousand dental implants are implanted in Lithuania per year. Every general practitioner-odontologist can perform uncomplicated procedures of dental implantation, but anyway we advise to apply to reliable and experienced specialists of this field who can provide the highest-quality services and materials.

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