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Dental Implants

Why is it worth choosing dental implants?

Dantų implantavimasSome people still think dental implants are something like a foreign body in the mouth. Many people think they can be ugly and impractical, bother to eat, communicate or smile.

However, implantation has been one of the most advanced things in modern odontology for over 50 years and it gives a possibility to people having lost their teeth to have new ones which actually do not differ from the previous ones.

On the other hand, dental implants give a feeling as if you had the own teeth and you can forget in the course of time you lost them at one time. And the number of complications related with the procedure itself is minimal. Dental implants are a better solution to the problem of lacking teeth in all aspects.

What are the main advantages of dental implants?

 1. Sense of comfort. If you have dental implants, you do not need to worry if they are kept in place like removable dental prostheses. Moreover, they do not need any fixing glue, so you do not encounter its unpleasant odour or extra costs. Dental implants simply become a part of your mouth.

2. Durability. Dental implants can serve all life as they are made of especially durable material – titanium. But the most important thing noticed by all specialists is proper and daily care of dental implants.

3. Nutrition. Dental implants have the same properties of chewing as natural teeth. If you have them in the mouth, you do not feel any pain or discomfort while even chewing tough food.

4. Appearance. Dental implants coalesced with the bone do not differ from natural teeth, so you feel comfortable and nice, can smile naturally and feel all the senses you would have felt with your real teeth. One more very important, but mostly invisible part is that dental implantation stops bone decay. It often makes the gums atrophy, deforms the adjacent teeth and changes the bite. Dental implants help to preserve the shape of your face and jawbone, so your appearance does not age before time.

5. Hygiene. One more advantage of implantation is better mouth hygiene. As traditional crowns with bridges are not used for dental implantation, you can easily clean the interdentals and rests of food, besides, the adjacent teeth are not filed or damaged in another way and remain healthy.

Dantų iltelis6. Reliability. Dental implantations are some of the most successful procedures. On the average, they are successful for 95%-98% patients. In order to reduce any risk, it is necessary to apply to reliable and qualified specialists.

7. Preservation of healthy teeth. Healthy adjacent teeth do not need filing for dental implantation in contrast to the application of dental crowns. In this way, you can avoid bone decay under the dental crown as well as possible decay of the adjacent supporting teeth.

ImplantavimasIf the above-mentioned advantages comply with your expectations and you decide to choose dental implants instead of other methods of treatment, we recommend you to apply to a reliable odontologist. He/she will help to develop a treatment plan that suits for you and advise and explain in what way procedures and recovery take place. You will discuss applied materials, possible risk and your expected result. During the consultations, your present state of mouth will also be checked, all other nuances will be discussed which are necessary for successful implantation and suitable implants will be chosen.