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Dental Implants

Reconstruction of a few teeth

Kelių dantų plokštelėIt seems a lack of a few teeth in the mouth can be a very big problem. However, doctors do not even call it a challenge in modern odontology where advanced technologies of treatment and materials are applied. There are a few ways to solve this problem, so let’s analyze them both in order to understand the differences more clearly. A few lacking teeth can be replaced with removable prostheses, but you can encounter a few risks.

Disadvantages of removable partial prostheses:

1. Partial prostheses do not give an aesthetical view and discomfort is felt in the mouth.

2. In order to fix partial prostheses, healthy adjacent teeth must be filed.

3. Dental prostheses do not create a normal load for the jawbone and they do not strengthen muscles, so the bone starts decaying in the course of time.

4. The adjacent filed teeth feel a higher unnatural load and it shortens their life.

Dental implants can also reconstruct a few lacking teeth. There are two ways to do it. The simplest way is to replace each lacking tooth; an implant bridge can also be put.

In this way, new dental crowns are coupled and fixed on the basis of two (or more) implants. This bridge fixed on implants is stable and durable and cannot be removed.

Dantų implantų tiltelis Advantages of a bridge of dental implants:

1. Healthy teeth are preserved as the adjacent teeth do not need filing.

2. A natural load is created for the jawbone, the bone is protected from decay and the shape of the face does not age before time.

3. The implants are something like a natural tooth; no discomfort is felt when eating, smiling or communicating.

4. The implants can serve all life.