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Dental Implants

Reconstruction of one tooth

Dantų tiltelisWhen one tooth lacks in a person’s month, there are two most frequent variants to eliminate this problem. It is implantation of one tooth or putting of a dental bridge. However, namely the latter variant has more disadvantages than advantages as the choice of this procedure makes you sacrifice healthy adjacent teeth as well as illusions you will feel comfortable.

Disadvantages of a dental bridge:

1. As an artificial root is implanted in the place without a tooth, discomfort can be felt in the mouth.

2. When putting the bridge, healthy adjacent teeth must be filed which serve for the bridge supports.

3. The problem of bone decay is not solved – the dental bridge does not load the jawbone while chewing the food and it does not strengthen muscles.

4. The adjacent filed teeth feel a higher unnatural load and it shortens their life.

5. The dental bridge does not give such aesthetical appearance as dental implants.

A dental implant can also reconstruct the lacking tooth. As both the tooth itself and its root are changed with its help, the bone is protected and does not decay. Thus, the shape of your face does not change.

On the other hand, the implant not only changes the aesthetical appearance. It also functions in the same way as your previous natural tooth. There is no discomfort when chewing the food and there are nothoughts the implanted tooth will be noticed by other people.

Dantų Implantas

Advantages of a dental implant:

1. Healthy teeth are preserved as the implant does not need any extra support because of which the adjacent teeth are filed.

2. Because of a natural load of the jawbone and constant work of muscles when chewing the food, the bone is protected from decay and the shape of the face does not age before time.

3. The implant is something like a natural tooth; no discomfort is felt when eating, smiling or communicating.

4. The implant can serve all life if you constantly take care of your mouth cavity and go to the dentist for the purpose of prophylaxis.