Plačiausias patikimų dantų implantų asortimentas

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Dental Implants

Reconstruction of all teeth

Dantų protezaiIf all the teeth lack in your maxilla or mandible, there are a few possibilities to reconstruct them. The first one is usual removable prostheses which are well-known to everybody. They are mostly worn by elderly people, but everybody should have heard these prostheses do not give full comfort when eating or communicating and often need correcting.

Disadvantages of usual removable dental prostheses:

1. Dental prostheses are not stable.

2. The gums and mucous membrane of the mouth are troubled by dental prostheses.

3. The problem of bone decay is not solved – the dental prosthesis does not load the jawbone while chewing the food and it does not strengthen muscles.

4. It is difficult to eat as dental prostheses constantly need correcting.

5. Dental prostheses do not give such aesthetical appearance as dental implants.

Protezai ant implantųThe next possibility enabling reconstructing all the teeth lacking in the maxilla or mandible are fixed removable prostheses. This system ensures stable keeping of prostheses, you do not feel any discomfort when eating or speaking and have more possibilities to properly clean your prostheses.

Fixed removable prostheses are fixed to dental implants with the help of a special retaining system. It consists of two parts. One of them is constantly fixed to the implant and the second one is the removable part of the prosthesis. These two parts are reliably coupled and keep the prosthesis strongly.

Advantages of removable prostheses fixed on implants:

1. These fixed prostheses are kept stably.

2. They do not trouble the gums and mucous membrane of the mouth.

3. There is no discomfort when eating.

4. They are easy to clean as it is simple to remove and put them on.

5. 2-4 implants are enough for a strong basis of the prosthesis in order to keep it stably.

Dantų lankelis ant implantųIf all the teeth lack in your maxilla or mandible, you can choose the third possibility – a dental bridge that is fixed on implants for all time.

Advantages of a constant dental bridge fixed on implants:

1. The dental bridge is fixed very strongly and stably.

2. 6 implants are enough in order to reconstruct all the teeth of the maxilla or mandible.

3. The stability of the bridge ensures the gums and mucous membrane of the mouth will not be troubled.

4. As it is not necessary to constantly remove and insert the bridge, it can serve longer because it is less worn in relation with such kind of procedures.

5. No discomfort is felt; you can eat, speak and smile like with your natural teeth.

6. An aesthetical view is ensured.

Important! If you do not have all your lower teeth and use an old dental plate, it can be modified by fixing special reinforcements which are put on round upper parts. Also, a new plate with fixing elements can be made for you.

The plate is pressed into the place where it is kept by implants and supported by the soft tissues. You just need to remove and clean it every evening.