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Dental Implants

Care of dental implants

Dantų implantų priežiūraOne of the most important things after the procedure is proper and regular care of dental implants. Dental implants must be cleaned a few times per day like natural teeth. However, a tooth brush is not enough for
the best care. Thread specialists suggest the following means:

1. Interdental brushes and interdental threads
2. Mouth irrigators (hydromassage devices).
3. Little-abrasive toothpastes.
4. Tongue scrapers.
5. Mouth washes.

What else should be known about the care of implants?

1. If a new-inserted prosthesis prevents you from biting or causes pain, immediately apply to the doctor-odontologist.

2. It is advisable not to chew very tough food (lump sugar, caramel sweets, nutshells, dried bread etc.) as the prosthesis or its finish can crack or break down. Small and sticky products are not recommended, either.

3. It is not recommended eating hot and cold food at the same time as the prosthesis can crack because of sudden expansion and shrinking of the materials having been used for the production of the prosthesis.

4. Dental prostheses must be rinsed and cleaned with a brush and toothpaste after eating. It is recommended cleaning the teeth twice per day (in the morning and evening) after eating. Besides, the interdentals must be cleaned with a thread or interdental brush at least once per day. The doctor-odontologist will choose individual means of mouth hygiene for you which can ensure a good state of mouth hygiene.

5. If you do any sport, especially if you undertake a contact kind of sport, it is recommended using dental protections which will protect non-removable dental prostheses, soft tissues of the mouth and the own teeth from possible traumas and damage to the prostheses.

6. If you grind the teeth at night (grinding the teeth is both disastrous for dental prostheses and the own teeth), you must warn the doctor about it. Considering the situation, a special protection can be necessary which will protect non-removable dental prosthesis and the own teeth from possible splitting or attrition and relax tensed chewing muscles.

7. It is necessary to regularly go to the mouth hygienist and perform professional mouth hygiene every 6 months. You have to come to the doctor having performed implantation for a check-up and evaluation of the state of your gums and to the doctor having made your prosthesis for a check-up and examination of bite every year.