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Dental Implants

How implantation is performed (diary of treatment)

Just 5 steps to your goal

In all probability, dental implantation can seem both painful and very long, complicated or tiring like every kind of treatment. However, we present 5 stages from the diagnosis and implantation to recovery and care below; they will help you to understand why dental implantation in neither tiring nor complicating your long-time plans if it is related with your work. The first stage must be the most important: the choice of a reliable implantologist who is able to make an exact diagnosis and treat and consult you professionally in relation with the steps below.

Dantų implantacija

Stage 1: Consultation of the doctor and diagnosis

First, the doctor will take a panoramic X-ray picture in order to be able to evaluate the situation in your mouth. At the same time, he/she will advise the treatment for your case: how many implants you will need in order to reconstruct your natural smile and reduce any discomfort that you suffer presently. During the diagnosis, computer tomography images are mostly applied which help to exactly determine the length and diameter of the necessary implant as well as place of insertion in the tri-dimensional space. If the amount of bone tissue is not sufficient in the intended place so that the implant can successfully establish, an extra procedure will be necessary during which the bone will be reconstructed. Then, the plan of treatment will be made and the date of the dental implantation surgery will be set.

Stage 2: Procedure of implantation

Dental implantation is absolutely painless. During it, a small procedure is performed and local anaesthetics are applied, so you will not feel any pain or other unpleasant feelings. The odontologist will fix the implant and suture the wound in the planned place that was discussed with you in advance. This

procedure will last about 20-30 minutes. If more implants are implanted at the same time, the surgery can last a few hours at the maximum. The odontologist will advise you how to take care of the place of the implant during the total period of recovery. It is very important.


Stage 3: Recovery

You can feel insignificant pains in the place of surgery after dental implantation if the surgery was more complicated. But if it was simple, it is possible you will feel no pain and swelling will disappear within three days. One way or another, the doctor will administer you some analgesics as well as antibiotics which you will have to take according to his/her recommendations for the prophylaxis of infection.

You will have to wait after dental implantation until the jawbone accepts the implant “as the own thing”, i.e., until the implant establishes in the bone. Depending on the procedure, it can last from a few weeks (in the best case) to half a year. If the surgery was performed in the maxilla, you will mostly have to wait for up to 4 months; if it was performed in the mandible – for up to 6 months. The longest period you will have to wait – if you had an extra bone growth surgery – for up to 9 months.

Stage 4: Fixing of a new tooth

If the implant establishes in the jawbone, implantation can be performed. Mostly, the wound sutured during the fixing of the implant must be opened before that. However, it is a simple and painless procedure when a small incision is performed. After exposing the implant, the head of recovery is put on and it is waited until the gums heal up.

Meanwhile, the implantologist makes an imprint for your new tooth according to which a dental prosthesis will be created in the laboratory. When the latter is made, it must be fixed to the implant.

Danties implantacija

Stage 5: Care

If you have an implant, care is very important. It can be different in every case, so the odontologist will advise how to do the mouth hygiene so that the new dental implant serves you all life.

How is dental implantation performed?