Plačiausias patikimų dantų implantų asortimentas

Dantų implantai. Implantavimo medžiagos. Implantologų duomenų bazė.


Klausk odontologų

  • Since what age can implants be inserted?

    Implants can be inserted immediately after the jawbone stops growing. Thus, dental implants can only be inserted for young patients after their jawbones develop fully. At the other end of the age range, the age limit is not applied, of course, provided that no significant medical risk factors have been found for the patient.

  • Is it painful?

    Dental implants are mostly inserted by applying local anaesthetics which reduce any discomfort caused by surgical intervention. If you have any doubts about the state of the place where the implant is located, be sure to consult with the treating odontologist.

  • What risk can be encountered?

    Depending on the medical or other properties characteristic to one or another patient, risk factors can be different. Bad mouth hygiene or disordered recovery of the wound caused by any diseases (for example, diabetes or osteoporosis) can reduce the likelihood of the remaining implant. Every surgical intervention is related with risk, so the patients should always consult with the odontologist – he/she will evaluate whether dental implants are a proper choice.

  • What is the price of implants?

    Cheap dental prostheses are not always an economical solution. The primary price of treatment with dental implants fluctuates depending on the complicacy of a certain case: how many implants will be necessary, is it necessary to strengthen the bone? The plan of costs can be compiled after answering the following questions. The surgical intervention itself, laboratory work, prosthesis and fee to the odontologist and dental technician should be evaluated. In spite of higher investments, dental implants can eventually be a more economical solution in most cases.

  • Is dental implantation paid by the insurance?

    Most insurance companies do not pay for dental implants like most optional procedures. But your odontologist can suggest other possibilities of payment.

  • What will happen if my organism rejects the implant?

    The implant will be removed and the wound will be left for recovery. It is usually possible to repeatedly insert another implant as soon as the wound heals up.

  • How long do implants serve?

    If your organism accepts the implant and the implant is properly cared, it must serve for a long time. Lots of implants have served over 40 years.

  • How will I have to take care of my implant?

    Care at home means cleaning and rinsing. In order to ensure long-time health and success, you have to regularly visit your odontologist.

  • How long will the insertion of the implant, recovery and procedures of tooth reconstruction last?

    The total process usually lasts from 3 to 9 months depending on your plan of treatment.

  • What can I eat after the implant insertion?

    Your odontologist will administer a diet for a few days after the implant insertion including some „tender“ alimentary products.