Plačiausias patikimų dantų implantų asortimentas

Dantų implantai. Implantavimo medžiagos. Implantologų duomenų bazė.


The International Team for Implantology (ITI) established in 1980 has become one of the biggest independent academic organizations in the fields of implantology and tissue regeneration united by over 12 000 odontologists from the entire world.

It is the organization which most important goals are deepening of knowledge of its members and sharing experience.

The mission of ITI is to spread knowledge about all aspects of the field of implantology and related tissue regeneration in order to educate specialists of this field and perform scientific studies for the benefit of a patient.

ITI keeps in touch with over 150 advanced universities and schools of stomatology in the entire world. This organization has become a connecting link among the manufacturers of implants, laboratories, academic society and specialists of odontology. The latter ones are given all conditions for professional improvement and perfection of qualification at the international level.

The field of implantology has recently developed especially quickly with the rise of new materials, methods and technologies. There is so much information and it can often be evaluated controversially. It is sometimes difficult even for a specialist to determine what method suits best in a certain situation.

Seminars, conferences and regular discourses organized by ITI enable its members to be the first to know about the last achievements in the field of implantology and participate in direct discussions with the most influential authorities of this field from the entire world.

ITI is the biggest and most prestigious international organization in the field of implantology. Only a doctor-odontologist, mouth surgeon, periodontologist, doctor of science, certified dental technician and mouth hygienist can become a member of ITI that complies with the professional criteria raised by the organization.

We are very proud that all the doctors from this website are members of ITI.

The council of directors of ITI consists of the following people (from the left): Anthony Dickinson (Australia); Thomas Taylor (USA); Stephen Chen (Australia); Gerhard Wahl (Germany); Frauke Muller (Swiss); Daniel Buser (Swiss); Luca Cordaro (Italy); Gilbert Achermann (Swiss); Hans-Peter Weber (USA); Hideaki Katsuyama (Japan) and the people absent in the photo: David Cochran (USA); Beat Spalinger (Swiss).

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